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CLIX Consulting provides outstanding Sales and Marketing Services for international Hotels & Resorts, looking for more exposure in the German speaking countries.

We serve as professional representation, creative hub and well connected multiplier on the German, Austrian and Swiss market.

With over 25 years of experience in various roles, positions and projects in Sales, Marketing & PR for international hotels, resorts and tourist destinations, we combine our extensive network with the individual needs of our clients.

Exceptional Products

exceptional service

We provide tailor-made solutions for Sales, Marketing and PR based on our clients need and budget. Together we develop individual plans, measurable goals, timely schedules and smart budgets.

Our services range from short-term projects to full service representation and brand advocacy. We support our clients with all necessary actions for a smooth and fruitful market (re) launch as well as impactful activities that ensure lasting impressions in the market.

Our key solutions for your success:


Goal & result driven

Sales Solutions

We support outstanding properties and destinations with targeted sales activities in the key markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

CLIX serves as extended Sales Team, brand ambassador and representative in the market.

We create personal connections to local key stakeholders and decision makers. Our goal is to improve sales and awareness for our clients in the German speaking market.

We are focused on:


We activate through presentations, product (sales) trainings, fam trips, trade show initiatives and regular sales calls.


We organize local events for key stakeholders and opinion leaders within the travel industry, connect with relevant lifestyle brands and strive for synergies & cooperations.


We cover contract negotiations with relevant distribution partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Marketing Solutions

Professional Tourism Marketing

We create and adapt exciting content for our hotels, resorts and destinations. From photography & visuals to intriguing promotional text and communication.

We set the pace and react to relevant market trends.

CLIX will extend your local reach in the German speaking market and gain access to new cooperations and target audiences.

Campaign planning

We plan, create and execute local campaigns for all relevant channels and media.

Marketing Cooperations

We develop new Marketing Kooperationen to suitable brands for your Cross-Exposure.


We are constantly reviewing the local market and adapt strategies & activities accordingly.

PR Solutions

(Cross)Media Support

We develop tailor-made PR concepts matching the needs of our international clients.

Through our local media, journalists, blogger and influencer network we have access to all major communication channels.

Press releases

We compile and release press statements to local media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Press & Influencer Trips

We evaluate and organize trips for press, bloggers, influencers and relevant media.

Media Relations

We search for placement options and keep in touch with our local media contacts .

Our Claim

We work in a very creative and focused environment, driven by success, joy for travel and passion for uncompromising quality that ultimately leads to

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